Efficacy of your Care is affected by Patients’ Pain?

functional electrotherapy can help you

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Our commitment to Health Professionals

We support healthcare professionals by optimizing pain management for patients, helping them make the right choices about using TENS to relieve their pain. We have named this approach functional electrotherapy.

TENS enhances the effectiveness of natural pain control mechanisms


The electrical impulses transmitted by electrodes stimulate the sensory nerves, which reduces or closes the passage of pain signals to the brain. The sensation of pain is then temporarily reduced or even imperceptible.


TENS acts on the release mechanism of endorphins (the body's natural opiates), which foster well-being, quality sleep and pain relief throughout the body.

More than 1500 health professionals trained in functional electrotherapy

  • Medical Specialists: physiatrists, rheumatologists, anaesthetists
  • General practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Physical rehabilitation therapist: physiotherapists and occupational therapists
  • Professors and researchers
  • Physical rehabilitation therapists

The Majority of Patient Experience Remarkable Results

Our patients feel a greater sense of relief that is typically observed with the use of a TENS. What makes us different? Our approach –functional electrotherapy – relies on personalized service.

  • We collaborate with health professionals to have a detailed knowledge of the patient's needs
  • We only offer high quality TENS
  • We support the patient to promote optimal use of the device
  • Insurance programs cover the cost of TENS: Electrotherapy is recognized by most insurers, the SAAQ, the CNESST and Veterans Affairs Canada

functional electrotherapy

An innovative therapeutic approach that uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) both at rest and during the patient's functional activities.

Management of your patient in less than 48 hours

We take care of patients everywhere in Quebec. You can entrust us with all your patients for whom functional electrotherapy is advisable.

Regular Follow-Up and Patient Support

Whether it is for simple operating tips or to modify their device settings following a new diagnosis, a therapist is on duty in the office answering patients’ questions over the phone or by email.

Proud collaborator in continuing education for the following organizations:

Our Partnerships:

  • Association québécoise de la douleur chronique - AQDC

  • Fédération des cliniques de physiothérapie du Québec - FCPPQ

Our therapists are members:

  • Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec - OPPQ

  • Association québécoise de la physiothérapie - AQP

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A service offered in all regions of Quebec

More than 1500 health professionals trained in Functional Electro-Therap

Electrotherapy is medically recognized and the rental or purchase of a TENS device is covered by most insurers, the SAAQ, the CNESST, the IVAC and Veterans Affairs Canada


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